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To become independent, children must develop coordination and control. The freedom of movement found in the Montessori early childhood environment. This gives the children the opportunity to learn how to control their bodies

Practical Life

Practical Life the foundation of all future academic work because it promotes, coordination, concentration, and independence.

Practical Life exercises include liquids, preparing food, washing dishes, setting a table, and dealing gracefully and courteously in social encounters.

Through these tasks and experiences, children learn to concentrate, coordinate their movements, and develop fine-motor skills.


Sensorial Montessori materials are aimed at developing the five senses. Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Listening, Touching, and further exploring the sensorial materials. Children begin to classify and eventually name objects and attributes in the environment. Sensorial experiences begin right when a child is born. Children use their senses in order to study their environment. By participating in sensory activities, children can consciously obtain clear information that helps them classify their surroundings. These classifications serve as stepping stones to organized intelligence, which gives children the ability to adapt to their environment.


The Montessori math material and lessons help children learn to develop an understanding of math concepts through the manipulation of concrete objects, building a secure foundation in math principles, skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Science, Geography, Art & Music

These are all incorporated into the early childhood environment. They are presented in sensorial ways with specially designed materials and real life experiences. In Geography, children learn not only about names of countries, but the life of people and their respective cultures. They develop a sense of respect for different cultures, recognizing that we all belong to the family of people. Young children are natural scientist. Watching and caring for classroom animals and plants create an interest in Science lessons and a reverence for life. Art and Music give the children an opportunity for creative and joyful self-expression as well as experiences with great music and works of art.

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Who We Are

Paolo Sarmiento

Founder and Head of School
“In almost 14 years of experience, it still amazes me how fast our Montessori children learn advanced work, independence and practical life in as early as 4 years old.”


“Keeps me busy and continous learning.Love the hugs and smiles whenever they see me. Show them love and they will return it back to you. I love to see them grow up intellectually and socially”

Franklin Bay

“One of my favorite things about the children at Bambini and Sterling Montessori is how they say Hello every morning as I come in to work.I can see how they enjoy their small community with their teachers and classmates. Together, they make learning and and school fun and exciting.”


Head Teacher
I Love watching younger children learn and absorb knowledge. I aLso love seeing how children interact and solve their problems on their own. I love working with the younger children because i love how easy going they are. "Free the childs potential, and you will transform him into the world."

Ms. Fahreddi

Toddler Teacher

Ms. jenna

Toddler Teacher


Teaching Assistant
"I easily bond with the small kids. I feel good making the children clean and tidy. They are like grandchildren to me."